Quote1 Well, where's our Bizarro Clark now? Quote2
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The entity that came to be known as Bizarro was once a wraith from the Phantom Zone. Having escaped from the Zone (along with several others of its kind), it began taking route in the bodies of ordinary humans. It quickly learned however, that it could only occupy a single body for twenty-four hours before the host form would expire. Only a Kryptonian body could contain the wraith's essence indefinitely. After leaping through several hosts, it eventually took route in a body at Project Ares beneath Reeves Dam in Smallville. Project Ares was under the purview of Lex Luthor who had taken an intense interest in the wraiths and their abilities. The possessed body escaped from the laboratory killing several scientists and guards. Clark Kent arrived at the lab with a Kryptonian crystal, hoping that it might somehow destroy the wraith. The demonic essence abandoned it's host and tried to take possession of Clark. The crystal failed to protect Clark as he had hoped, but it did prevent the wraith from taking control of his body. However, the wraith's essence interacted with Clark's DNA and used it to create a physical body for itself - one that looked exactly like Clark's. Further, it had developed all of Clark's super-abilities. Lionel Luthor tried to stop this doppelganger with a shard of Kryptonite, but the duplicate effortlessly tossed him aside. When Clark questioned him about his new identity, the creature responded, "I'm you... only a little more bizarre". With that, the two charged each other at super-speed, but the evil duplicate managed to punch Clark through the side of the dam. Content with his victory, Bizarro flew away from the complex whereupon his physical features altered, turning his complexion metallic-white.

Clark took off after him and the two fought again in the woods nearby. Clark noticed Bizarro's features alternating between humanoid and crystalline. Clark punched him, impaling Bizarro on an electrical pylon. Bizarro eventually pulled himself free, but by this time, Clark was long gone. Possessing all of Clark's memories, Bizarro flew to the Kent farm where he found a sample of Kryptonite. Unlike Clark, Bizarro's health actually improved in the presence of Kryptonite. He used a meteor rock to fully heal from his injuries, completely draining it of Kryptonite radiation. He then went to Lex Luthor's mansion in the hopes of finding him, but found Lois Lane instead. He expressed an obvious lust for Lois, but Lois, unaware that this was not the true Clark Kent, grew extremely uncomfortable by his advances.

Shortly thereafter, Bizarro finally found Luthor in a private meeting with his lawyer. Killing the lawyer, Bizarro told Luthor that he needed more Kryptonite. In exchange for Luthor's cooperation, Bizarro was willing to tell him the secret of Clark Kent. Luthor brought Bizarro to Reeves Dam, and after he knocked Lex unconscious, heabsorbed the radiation from an entire vault filled with Kryptonite.

Clark meanwhile, consulted with John Jones about his recent fight with Bizarro. After speaking with Jones at length, Clark realized that his own powers were increased by direct exposure to sunlight. He theorized that if the sun increased his vitality, than it might actually be harmful to Bizarro. Clark tested this theory by confronting Bizarro again at the dam. The Kryptonite-empowered Bizarro overwhelmed Clark, but Kent lured him in close, whereupon he punched him through a hole in the roof towards the sun. As Bizarro went sailing into the sky, John Jones soared downward, catching Bizarro and carrying him off planet to Mars.

When Clark freed Zor-El from Kara's blue crystal, he put a eclipse over the sun, blacking it out all through the Sol system. Bizarro was free, and he flew back to Earth just before the eclipse stopped. After Clark was frozen in the fortress, Bizarro assumed Clark's life while posing as him, fell in love with Lana, and had a romantic relationship with her. With her help, Bizarro finally located Brainiac, who was trying to reboot but in need of info from his creator, Dax-Ur, in order to fully reconstruct himself. He wanted Brainiac's help in staying as Clark forever. Bizarro was told about Dax-Ur, but his search for the Kryptonian scientist caused Clark to be released from his own imprisonment. Clark found Dax-Ur first and aquired the key to destroying Bizarro for good: blue kryptonite. After finding Bizarro and Lana, Clark dropped the Blue K when Bizarro backhanded him. Lana picked it up, and when she tried to use it against Bizarro, he reminded her about how happy both of them had become in their relationship with one another. Lana declared her love for Bizarro, which lowered his guard long enough for her to place the blue kryptonite in his hand. Shortly before exploding, Bizarro reciprocated Lana's feelings.



  • Sunlight: As might be expected from a reverse Kryptonian, green kryptonite makes Bizarro stronger, and he is weakened by sunlight, whereas Clark is strengthened by it. While sunlight doesn't affect Bizarro to quite the extent that green kryptonite affects Clark, it appeared to diminish him just enough for earthly objects to pierce him, such as a steel rod. When in the presence of direct sunlight, Bizarro's skin becomes crystalline in appearance, making it impossible for him to maintain a completely human appearance.
  • Blue Kryptonite: Blue kryptonite actually increases Bizarro's power levels to the point of overload, ultimately destroying him.
  • Bizarro was introduced in Smallville's season six cliffhanger finale "Phantom" where he was initially portrayed by Quinn Lord (as the possessed boy) and later by Tom Welling. Although he describes himself as "bizarre", he does not actually refer to himself as Bizarro. Chloe Sullivan refers to him as Bizarro Clark in the episode "Bizarro".



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