Black-Hawk (real name Janet) is a superhero who uses weaponry and equipment similar to Hawkman. In 1997, she teamed up with Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern) and Carrie Allen (Flash), who were in pursuit of the renegade former Green Lantern Sinestro, who was seeking to destroy all Green Lanterns. Janet attempted to take down Sinestro, but failed in doing so. In 2008, she teamed up with Clark Wayne (Knight-Wing), Jay West (Flash), and Victor Stone (Cyborg) to take down Lex Luthor when his brain had been transplanted into the robotic form of Metallo, but none of them were capable of defeating him until Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) showed up, easily dismembering the robot so that Lex would pose no threat.

  • This character is native to the Superman & Batman: Generations series of stories.