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Appearing in "Living With Sin (Part I)"

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Synopsis for "Living With Sin (Part I)"

Dinah takes Sin to the Playplace for some lunch. She tells her about her first adventure with Green Arrow. She met Ollie during one of the Justice League's earliest missions, wherein he helped her to rescue the Japanese Prime Minister from an assassination attempt by Merlyn. Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman monitored the incident, but allowed Ollie and Dinah the chance to prove themselves.

After the meal, Sin goes to play with some of the other children present. She gets into a fight with another girl and causes a giant pile of climbing blocks to collapse onto the floor. Dinah catches up with Sin and pulls her out of the eatery before she can cause any more damage.

She brings her back to their motel room, where Dinah encounters her ex-husband Craig Windrow. Her history with Craig was brief, but tumultuous. Craig tells her that he needs her help resolving some gambling debts. Dinah doesn't want to do anything that might endanger Sin, but Craig is desperate. Dinah agrees to follow him to a meeting.

Craig meets up with some mobsters who begin to strongarm him. The Black Canary dispels the thugs with her patented Canary Cry. Craig shows Dinah his gratitude, and tells her that he can repay her by having Sin enrolled at a special school.

Craig leaves and goes off to meet his true boss - Merlyn. He tells Merlyn that he has successfully manipulated Dinah into agreeing to let Sin go to the school he suggested. Merlyn has his own plans for Sin, and sees her becoming the next Lady Shiva.


  • Black Canary (Volume 3) is published on a bi-weekly shipping schedule. This issue is cover-dated early September.
  • This issue shipped on July 5th, 2007.
  • This issue establishes that Black Canary was a JLA recruit as opposed to a founding member as originally established in JLA: Year One #1. This alteration is a lasting side-effect of the events from Infinite Crisis.


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