The Black Widow was a terrorist who once fought the Blackhawks.

To threaten the world into doing her bidding, Black Widow needed an atomic ray projector. Plans for such a device were stolen by criminal Mogreb, who was captured by the Blackhawks. She posed as reporter Della Dale of Ocean News to gain entry to his cell after he was sentenced to death. They planned an escape, and it went off without a hitch.

They laid low in a mountain castle, and staged several heists to get the material needed for the ray projector. They escaped in the same direction every time, a plan by the Widow to give Blackhawk a gist on the location of her base. The last element, radioactive material, they planned to find at a nearby energy plant. Black Widow had anticipated a trap by the Blackhawks, so she let them follow her.

Once she saw seven figures on the radar, she blew up the castle. Deep inside the mountain, she thought she was safe. However, Blackhawk had used a geiger counter and discovered the move away from the castle. Black Widow was still safe on her throne, surrounded by sticky webs. The Blackhawks were stuck, but when Mogreb wanted to shoot the ray at them, it didn't work. They had switched the radioactive material for a less powerful variant in the factory. They had also anticipated her use of sticky webs, and used plastic veils to get free. In the ensuing fight, both Black Widow and Mobreg were entangled in their own webs.[1]




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