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Blackbriar Thorn was a leader of the ancient Druids. As such, he had great powers and responsibilities. However, the Druids were killed by the Roman Empire. In an attempt to circumvent the conquerors, Blackbriar Thorn transformed into solid wood with the hopes of mingling with the trees and the surrounding forests. His ruse worked but a group of Druids, in a final effort to defend themselves, created a terrible land magic so that Thorn was swallowed into the earth. Centuries later, the body of Blackbriar Thorn was discovered by an archaeologist. His body was put on display at The Gotham City Museum of History. Waking up in a new land with his old powers intact, Thorn left Gotham City in panic. Fortunately, Superman and Etrigan were in place to stop him and for a long period he remained in obscurity.

More recently, Thorn resurfaced as a member of the newest incarnation of the Injustice Society. They were defeated by the Justice Society of America. Thorn was the only one to escape. Blackbriar Thorn has directed his anger at the original Green Lantern. Armed with knowledge of his weakness to wood, Thorn wanted to be the killer of the original Green Lantern.

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