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"Diary Entries": Bart Hawk reads diary entries of the Blackhawks. After Bart goes to bed, Olaf tells a tale from Blackhawk's own diary.

Quote1 I have an awful feeling that, if I capture Hitler, Allied won't accept him 'til I fill out some form in triplicate. Quote2
-- Bart Hawk

Appearing in "Diary Entries"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Synopsis for "Diary Entries"

Bart Hawk reads diary entries of the Blackhawks. After Bart goes to bed, Olaf tells a tale from Blackhawk's own diary.

Appearing in "The One That Got Away!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "The One That Got Away!"

Andre Blanc-Dumont recollects when he met Monique, his lost love, in 1937. After she initially scorned him, she learned that he was a French Soldier, who had participated in driving a German terrorist assault out of Czechoslovakia, and she embraced him. He left her after joining the Blackhawks. Later, in June of 1940, he would run into her as part of the French Resistance, only to leave her again out of duty for the Blackhawks.

Appearing in "The Funny Man!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Pvt. Randy Daye (Single appearance)


  • Der Morder

Other Characters:

  • United States Army
    • General Gordan (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "The Funny Man!"

Hans Hendrickson recounts a tale of a dogfight, in which he was hit in the shoulder by Der Morder. He shot down Der Morder's plane, and landed his plane at a U.S. Base. Der Morder survived the crash and hid at the same base, using a stolen uniform. Hendrickson watched a U.S.O. show while he recovered, but an enlisted comedian, Randy Daye, was arrested for insulting officers during his routine. Hendrickson asked Randy why he insulted the officers, and concluded that the man was a coward, and stormed off. However, some dynamite went missing and it was Randy Daye that figured out that Der Morder had booby-trapped Hendicksen's plane, and saved him. Der Morder escaped.

Appearing in "Barnacle Bill"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • "Barnacle" Bill Leachman (Single appearance)


  • Gestapo
    • Louie

Other Characters:

  • Tom (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "Barnacle Bill"

Bart Hawk meets his old friend Barnacle Bill and is asked for help. The local mob is after him to collect gambling debts, and Barnacle Bill needs Bart to help get him out of town. But Barnacle Bill has actually sold out Blackhawk to the Gestapo. Bart has to do some fancy flying to get away from them.


  • In the framing sequence, Blackhawk directly addresses the reader, breaking the "fourth wall," while narrating three stories, and smoking a cigarette.
  • Young Bart Hawk attended a military academy in the U.S.
  • This issue marks the transition between Marv Wolfman's editorship and Ernie Colon's, hence the inconsistent editor credits on the stories.


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