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Blood of the Demon Vol 1 14


Blood of the Demon Vol 1 14

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"This Painful Existence": Etrigan is chained and being tortured by Agonista, the lover of the demonic Lord of the Damned. Already his legs and one of his arms has been severed. Meanwhile in Gotham City, the badly burned Anjeli Singh receiv

Quote1 I mean, sure, Jason smells a lot better, and he's definitely more pleasant company, but at times like this...I'd rather have the smelly, cranky demon in our corner! Quote2
-- Harry Matthews

Appearing in "This Painful Existence"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Agonista (First appearance)
  • Drexel (First appearance)
  • Lord of the Damned
  • Wishmonger (First appearance)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "This Painful Existence"

Etrigan is chained and being tortured by Agonista, the lover of the demonic Lord of the Damned. Already his legs and one of his arms has been severed. Meanwhile in Gotham City, the badly burned Anjeli Singh receives a call from Harry Matthews, begging for her husband Randu Singh to re-establish control over the cloned shell of Etrigan. Randu, however, has fallen unconscious and cannot help. Harry and Inspector Kurtzberg, trapped in the ruins of Castle Branec, witness an apparition of Merlin (New Earth) fighting the false Etrigan. The two of them are able to recite the spell that transforms the false Etrigan into the zombie-like shell of Jason Blood, and Merlin insists on drawing the false Etrigan out of the shell and destroying it. Merlin assures Harry that the shell of Jason Blood can find his real counterpart without his Etrigan-half, and without warning he transports Harry, the false Jason, and Inspector Kurtzberg to the mysterious fortress of the Lord of the Damned.

Not exactly meanwhile, in prison, Sandra Kincaid is surrounded by criminals she put behind bars. They beat her severely, but while she recovers in her cell a bald man dressed as a priest arrives. He claims he has come to offer her freedom, and he walks through the cell bars.

Back at the Lord of the Damned's castle Inspector Kurtzberg is overrun by demons. The false Jason briefly senses two Etrigans, but eventually he leads Harry to Etrigan's ravaged form. Etrigan tears the false Jason apart and uses his limbs to replace his own, though he is surprised when they do not change from their human form once knit to his demonic flesh. Agonista and the Lord of the Damned arrive, and Etrigan is unable to effectively use his hellfire with his now human arms. Captured, Harry and Etrigan are forced to fight each other in the arena. Harry is forced to use the spell to transform Etrigan back into a man, but to everyone's surprise, including, it seems, his own, it is not Etrigan but the Lord of the Damned who transforms into Jason Blood.


  • This book was first published on April 5, 2006.
  • The false shell of Demon is apparently resistant to transformation spells, requiring both Harry Matthews and Inspector Kurtzberg to speak it in tandem.
  • The same spell is used to transform the false Demon into the false Jason Blood, and the Lord of the Damned into Jason Blood. "Hear me, demon, bound to man! Leave, leave, Etrigan! Fade, o demon... return the man!"


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