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Bludhound is an enemy of Lobo with a fatal disease. Bludhound's brother, Goldstar, witnessed the murder of Bludhound on the planet Harmony at the hands of Lobo. However, it was actually the disease that killed him. To earlier effects, Bludhound was wanted through intergalactic bounty agencies for multiple crimes of murder and mayhem in the galaxy that Lobo sought to collect for the bounty on his being, but due to time constrictions of a terminal disease Bludhound was infected with would terminate the cash reward of Bludhound were he to die. In strange twist, Bludhound sought to go to Planet Harmony, the adoptive planet of his twin brother Goldstar , the prude hero identity of Ernest Widdle, in the pursuit of murdering his brother out of past years of envy raised by a crazed father who raised the brothers separately in experiments of good and evil. Goldstar was raised with utmost morality, while Bludhound was raised as a raging psychopath for lack of any scruples to extremes. Both Lobo and Bludhound were intercepted of their battle on Planet Harmony by Goldstar whom both knocked out before Bludhound died of his disease and Lobo left the planet without reward, but not before Goldstar would learn Bludhound was his long-lost brother and since sought Lobo to avenge his brothers death despite unaware that he was a target for death by Bludhound himself.


Bludhound possesses super-strength, speed, reflexes, and resilience on par with Lobo. Can survive deep space.


Proficient in multiple weapons, spacecraft, multi-lingual in various worlds in other planets, professional criminal.


Bludhound possessed a terminal disease that would later kill him.



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