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in: Issues Rated T, Eddie Berganza/Executive Editor, Tyler Kirkham/Cover Artist Sal Regla/Cover Artist, Sonia Oback/Cover Artist, Tony Bedard/Writer, Ig Guara/Penciler, Ruy José/Inker, Pete Pantazis/Colourist, Rob Leigh/Letterer, Eddie Berganza/Editor, Rex Ogle/Editor, Jaime Reyes (Prime Earth)/Quotes, Jaime Reyes (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Brenda Del Vecchio (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Paco Testas (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Amparo Cardenas (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Bone-Crusher (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Guillermo Barrera (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Coyote (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Brotherhood of Evil (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Angela Hawkins III (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Otto von Furth (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Emil LaSalle (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Reach (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Khaji Kai (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Lu-Kreeza (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Texas/Appearances, El Paso/Appearances, Sector 2809/Appearances, Khaji Da (Prime Earth)/Appearances, Blue Beetle: Metamorphosis, Comics, 2011, 2011, December, October 19, 2011 (Publication), 2011, October (Publication), Blue Beetle Vol 9, New 52, Synopsis Written

Blue Beetle Vol 9 2


Blue Beetle Vol 9 2

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"Metamorphosis, Part Two": Jaime Reyes tries to figure out what is going on, now that the Blue Beetle Scarab has integrated with him. Facing Bone-Crusher and [[Guillermo Barrera

Quote1 ¡Madre de Dios! I can fly! Quote2
-- Blue Beetle

Appearing in "Metamorphosis, Part Two"

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  • Joey Gonzalez




Synopsis for "Metamorphosis, Part Two"

Jaime Reyes tries to figure out what is going on, now that the Blue Beetle Scarab has integrated with him. Facing Bone-Crusher and Brutale, the scarab recommends "lethal options", but Jaime doesn't want to kill anyone. Jaime rushes to rescue Paco, and is seen by the Brotherhood of Evil, who believe that the Blue Beetle must have been sent by La Dama. It would seem that everyone wants Jaime's backpack, as the Brotherhood inquires as to its whereabouts before attacking Blue Beetle. Blue Beetle grabs Paco and skedaddles. Meanwhile, at Casa Cardenas, Brenda is having her quinceanera and wonders where Jaime and Paco are, when suddenly, Tia's security forces go on alert. It appears that the Blue Beetle is heading straight for the party! Security fires a warning shot but then backs down as he drops off Paco. He tries to explain the situation, but the scarab will not allow him to reveal his identity. After puking on Tia's shoes though, the security decide to open-fire. The scarab dispatches them, non-lethaly per Jaime's command. Jaime then tries to move towards Tia to apologize, but Brenda misreads it as an assualt and jumps between them, telling him to keep away. Blue Beetle then takes off, wondering what just happened. Meanwhile, out in Sector 2809, the Reach receive word that a missing scarab has gone back online in Sector 2814 and move in to retrieve it...


  • This book was first published on October 19, 2011.
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