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Identity Unknown
At present, Blue Bowman (The Brave and the Bold: Deep Cover for Batman!)'s full real name has yet to be revealed. In order to follow the Naming Conventions it has been suggested that, if the character's full name is revealed, this page be moved to reflect that name followed by their corresponding reality designation in parenthesis. Gallery, appearances, quotes, and fan art pages should not be created until the final destination page is established.
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Blue Bowman was from a parallel dimension and the evil couter-part of Green Arrow. He was a member of the Injustice Syndicate and a friend of Owlman. Unlike Green Arrow he favored lethal arrows such as hunting barbs or highly explosive arrows.

When Batman and Owlman swapped places, he initially thought that "Owlman" was just unwell. He assigned Dyna-Mite to spy on "Owlman". When Dyna-Mite reports back that "Owlman" was in fact Batman, Blue Bowman is among the Injustice Syndicate members to attack him.




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