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Bob was a Personal Pal toy robot that Christopher Champion bought for his pet Hukka to keep him company while he was studying. Bob proved to be an annoying nuisance to Hukka, who decided to put him in the toilet bowl and watch him spin round and round when he flushed it. However, as the instructions on the back of Bob warned not to immerse him in water, Bob strangely turned maniacal and chased after Hukka, stinging him with electrical zaps from his antenna. In his flight to get Christopher out of his study chamber, Hukka ripped the antenna off Bob's head, incapacitating him. Christopher finally responds and sees that Bob has stopped dead, and tells Hukka not to worry...until he tells his pet that every Bob comes with a spare antenna!

Bob Atari Force 2

DON'T put your Bob in a toilet!!!


In his maniacal toy mode, Bob was able to project painful electrical stings from his antenna that are powerful enough to destroy objects such as the easy chair Hukka was hiding under.



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