Quote1 You.....are my number 1 guy! Quote2
-- Joker src

Bob the Goon was a henchman working under Jack Napier for the Carl Grissom crime cartel. Bob was fiercely loyal to Jack Napier who regarded him (in an exaggerated impersonation of Grissom) as his "number one guy". Even when Jack's life took a dramatic turn towards the macabre when he became the maniacal Joker, Bob remained by his side. He attended the Joker on several strange ventures, including a gangland shootout on the steps of City Hall, the desecration of the Flugelheim Museum and upon a special parade float celebrating Gotham City's 200th anniversary. During the festival, the Joker intended on using several large hot air balloons filled with poisonous gas to kill everyone in Gotham, but Batman intervened, and collected the dangerous balloons with pincers installed into the nose of his Batwing and hauled them away. In his mania, the Joker made Bob surrender his gun to him, at which point, he shot him to death in order to vent his frustration.

  • Bob the Goon was portrayed by Tracey Walter. Bob has the distinction of being one of the few henchmen in comic book history to receive his own action figure.



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