One day, a young girl named Melvin realized that, without parents, she would need a protector. She created an imaginary friend whom she named Bobby to protect her and her other friends Timmy and Teether. Melvin's powers created Bobby into an actual creature.

When the Brotherhood of Evil threatened every hero. Raven was assigned the mission to transport Melvin, Timmy, and Teether to the safehouse across the mountain. Bobby would not reveal himself to Raven and he remained invisible to her.

The five heroes finally arrived at the safehouse, only for Mallah to attack the children. Raven was beaten to the ground by the villain, but Bobby finally revealed himself to fight the monkey.

Bobby won the fight and saved everyone. Raven felt confident that Bobby was capable of protecting the children and left them in Bobby's care.

Later, the Brotherhood of Evil began its purge of heroes. Raven, escaping attacking villains herself, went to protect the children and Bobby. They all went to attack the Brotherhood's base in France. Bobby was among the fighters in the gigantic brawl.

After the villains were defeated, Bobby returned to Jump City with the rest of the Titans. Bobby and the children most likely returned to their original home after their visit.


  • Superhuman Strength: Because Bobby was imagined by Melvin and is anything Melvin imagines him to be, Bobby is super strong. Bobby is capable of easily picking up Mallah and beating the villain.
  • Invisibility: Bobby is able to control who can and who cannot see him. If Bobby doesn't trust someone, he will be invisibile to them until they gain his trust. [1]



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