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Quote1 I've been betting against you, Scarlet _ _ and lost! But I want to win after this. Now you're a reasonable man, aintcha _ _ ? Quote2
-- Bookmaker src

Successful former racketeer John Bugg was retired, but golf bored him and he was terrible at it too. Dissatisfied with leisure, he re-embarked on a criminal career, as the Bookmaker. His new racket was called the "Crime Derby" and involved betting on actual local crimes. He had a streak of bad luck, betting against local anonymous vigilante Mr. Scarlet, and became obsessed with defeating him. This ultimately brought him to the attention of the crime fighter, and they clashed. Shortly later, Bugg was arrested and jailed.


Good at math.

enemy of Mr. Scarlet

  • The Bookmaker either knows or strongly suspects that Mr. Scarlet is really Brian Butler.