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Books of Magic Vol 1 4


Books of Magic Vol 1 4

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"The Road To Nowhere": Despite Constantine's reservations, Mister E transports himself and Timothy forward through multiple generations of time, so Timothy may understand what the future of the Earth - and the wider Universe - holds for magic. This technique of "walking forward" is one which E's

Quote1 I do not see with my eyes. I see good, and I see evil. Nothing else. Quote2
-- Mister E

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Synopsis for "The Road To Nowhere"

Despite Constantine's reservations, Mister E transports himself and Timothy forward through multiple generations of time, so Timothy may understand what the future of the Earth - and the wider Universe - holds for magic. This technique of "walking forward" is one which E's fellow mystics can neither understand nor use, leaving Timothy's safety entirely in E's hands; at E's demand, even Yo-Yo is left behind.

While easily the most abrasive and judgmental of Timothy's educators, E imparts his lessons well, emphasizing that the future holds periods of both flux and stability. To illustrate both, he presents a magical Armageddon that takes place some fifteen years in the future, an all-out war between good- and evil-aligned creatures of magic. Though this battle is near-certain, its participants are not; in the instance E has chosen, Timothy has embraced evil, but other timelines feature him as neutral, or a champion of light.

Regardless, the sight of his future self killing his newly-made friends (including Constantine) horrifies Timothy. At his request, E takes them further into the future, through the thirtieth century, where magic's re-flourishing inadvertently unleashes a creature called the Archmage; past the 64th century, where human civilization has become a barely-comprehensible synthesis of magic and technology; and toward the exhaustion of the sun, millions of years later, where mankind has devolved to hunting sea-spiders for sustenance.

In present-day, E's companions grow suspicious, and bid Yo-Yo to protect Timothy by magically strengthening the bird's spiritual bond with his master. Following the bond, Yo-Yo eventually finds E and Timothy witnessing the expiration of the Universe itself, with E - satisfied this time contains nothing that could stop him - pursuing his initial desire to kill his "student". Without hesitation, Yo-Yo intercepts E's attack, giving his own life but buying Timothy enough time to be rescued by the Universe's last two inhabitants: Death and Destiny.

After claiming Destiny, Death assures E that Timothy will die at another's hands, and sends Timothy back to his proper time (E is made to return "the long way", under his own power). On returning, Timothy thanks the remaining mystics for their efforts, but decides magic is too dangerous and declines further studies. When the mystics disappear, Timothy instantly recants, but soon realizes he has given up nothing; the moment he accepted the Stranger's initial offer, he had chosen magic - magic enough to resurrect Yo-Yo, and magic that may yet leave him the world's greatest mage.


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  • The song that Mr. E sings when he and Timothy witness the "Blue Shift" is the legendary jazz standard Mood Indigo.

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