The Bookworm was a professional criminal who specialized in crimes that involved books. He wore an outfit that resembled the details of antique book binding converted to men's-suit form.


  • Genius Level Intellect: He can read the greatest book in seconds. The Bookworm likes to quote books and knows each chapter, each page, and the paragraph that contains each quote.
  • The Bookworm was created by Hendrik "Rik" Vollaerts, who admitted to Joel Eisner in The Official Batman Batbook, "I had a hell of a hard time trying to sell (his intelligent book-reading villain) because the number of people who read books in Hollywood is rather limited."
  • The Bookworm and all his henchmen, including the Printer's Devil and Lydia Limpet, wore eye-glasses at nearly all times. (They were knowno to have removed these only before each of the two Batfights in which they engaged against the Bat-Duo.)



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