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Quote1 Eye of God! See my sacrifice, by fire and water to please you! Quote2
-- Bottom Feeder src

The one that would become the Bottom Feeder was a devoted human Christian. Or so the Bottom Feeder claims. By this claim, he was cursed by God himself to never see the Kingdom of God.

To never die.

Despite this, he still sees himself as a servant of God, serving the greater good.

Because of his potential longevity, it is unknown how long he wandered along until he caught the notice of the underworld in El Paso, Texas

He was assigned by the Diviner to "rescue" the baby Alina, a result of a joining between two magically gifted humans unharmed. Bottom Feeder had an other outlook to that. And as the Blue Beetle appeared to save the child. He panicked and sought to slay the child, "the witch born demon". The Blue Beetle fought to save the baby, discovering he could permanently slay the Bottom Feeder. Despite the Bottom Feeders own wishes, Blue Beetle refused as he was not a murderer.


  • Superhuman Durability: Feeder has taken multiple hits both physically, magically and super naturally from the Blue Beetle as well as other magic opponents. These attacks never seem to stop him from continuing his quest and only the most powerful of blows can knock the Bottom Feeder down.
  • Resurrection: Every time Bottom Feeder takes enough damage to die his body's natural regeneration goes into overdrive. Because of this ability, the Bottom Feeder is never down for long.
    Regeneration: Feeder's never ending regeneration cycle is a function of his resurrection ability.
  • Cosmic Awareness: Bottom Feeder has visions of the future, but because of his insanity it could be to much to call it an awareness. He once predicted the Reach coming to Earth.



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