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History of the character is unknown, though it could be assumed that it is similar to the mainstream Brainiac's until the time of Batman's return from retirement. Working with Lex Luthor in running the United States, Brainiac aided in blackmailing Wonder Woman, Superman, and Captain Marvel by holding the bottled city of Kandor hostage and in check via a Red Sun lamp.

As Batman's resistance continued to make a name for themselves, Brainiac enacted a plan to disgrace the usefulness of superheroes by destroying a city while ordering Superman to run away. When the hero refused to fight nor run, Brainiac continued to destroy the city anyway, prompting Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel to fight Brainiac instead. Brainiac's body was then destroyed by Superman and Wonder Woman's daughter Laira, with her heat vision which decimates a large part of the city.

Discovering her existence, Brainiac once again threatened Kandor so Laira can come to him thus digitizing her into working for him. Due to planning by Batman, Laira secretly deploys the Atom into the miniature city, who destroys the Brainiac probes within and freeing the Kandorians.

With their combined might, the freed Kryptonians, Laira, and the Atom finally finishes off Brainiac.


Being a computer, Brainiac has large access to the Earth's technology.

Despite being an alien robot who is supposedly only bent on logic and collecting information, this universe's Brainiac showed concern for the money he would need to rebuild a body.


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