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Brave and the Bold Vol 1 120

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"The Earth is Mine": Kamandi is fleeing an army of Ape Men lead by a strange new animal named Captain Bat (really Batman , posing as an animal.) When Batman chases Kamandi away from the others he allows the boy to escape. Kamandi tames a wild ho

Appearing in "The Earth is Mine"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Gorgo (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Garth (Single appearance)
  • Manton (Single appearance)
  • Horses



Synopsis for "The Earth is Mine"

Kamandi is fleeing an army of Ape Men lead by a strange new animal named Captain Bat (really Batman , posing as an animal.) When Batman chases Kamandi away from the others he allows the boy to escape. Kamandi tames a wild horse and ends up riding to Mount Rushmore, where he seeks cover behind a radiation belt that the animals believe are gods that require to be fed. The mountain is surrounded by a strange radiation belt that the animals cannot cross.

Inside a cave, Kamandi is shocked to find that there are other humans hiding out there. These humans have managed to trick the animals into thinking the mountain is a god by playing a tape recorder over the sound system. They kept themselves alive by taking the food offerings the animals would leave.

Batman arrives soon after (having left behind arguing packs of Bears and Apes) and the people in the cave tell Kamandi that they brought the learned of Batman's existence from old comic books and used ancient Indian magic to summon him from the past to help them escape the mountain. The spell didn't quite work so well, and Batman was transported some mile away from them, forcing Batman to pose as one of the beasts when he was found by the Gorillas.

Batman uses the tape recorder to send out a message to the bears asking them to bring him a downed aircraft he saw earlier back. While they are distracted, Batman leads the others to an escape. However, one of the gorillas (suspicious of this "god" the Bears worship) stays behind and notices the humans escaping and calls the others back.

The humans flee to an long abandoned rail car, however Batman is captured by the animals and is rescued by Kamandi. They all manage to get away when they release the cars breaks causing it to roll down the rail line at such a speed as to lose the animals. Having succeeded, the humans and Kamandi thank Batman for his help and send him back to his own time. Awakening there to find Commission Gordon waiting over him with all sorts of questions, Batman can only hope that the dystopian future he has witnessed can somehow be avoided.

Appearing in "Plunder the Pentagon"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Nicolai Shokolov (Single appearance)

Other Characters:



  • Top Secret Plans for XB-107


  • U.S. XB-107
  • Secret Six's V.T.O.L. airplane

Synopsis for "Plunder the Pentagon"

This story is reprinted from Secret Six #2.

Mockingbird gives August, Carlo and Lili instructions that they are to steal top secret plans for the United States' newest jet fighter, the XB-107 and that they are then to sell fake blueprints to a foreign spy, in order to destroy his credibility with the foreign power. They are able to gain access to the Pentagon through August's credentials, but after they get the plans, they are discovered and Carlo & Lili must ditch August in order not to blow his knowledge of their involvement in the caper and then fight their way out. They are able to make their escape, but August is informed that they stole fake blueprints but someone has, in fact, stolen the true plans. Their main suspect is a Russian spy named Nicolai Sholokov. Mike, King and Crimson are called on to get the plans back. They discover Nicolai does have the plans and the three manage to trick the spy out of the blueprints and return them to their US owners.



  • The people of Earth AD learned of Batman's existence through a comic book. The specific issue was Brave and the Bold #118; which can be seen in one of the panels.

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