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Brave and the Bold Vol 1 129


Brave and the Bold Vol 1 129

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"The Claws of the Emperor Eagle": On his deathbed, ruined millionaire Victor Lasher sells the Emperor Eagle to Oliver Queen. Afterwards, the deed is attempted to be stolen by someone, however Queen stops the theft. Running into Batman, h

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Synopsis for "The Claws of the Emperor Eagle"

On his deathbed, ruined millionaire Victor Lasher sells the Emperor Eagle to Oliver Queen. Afterwards, the deed is attempted to be stolen by someone, however Queen stops the theft. Running into Batman, he tells the caped crusader the legends of the Emperor Eagle: That it was forged 2,000 years ago and was owned by powerful men: Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte even Adolf Hitler. Because these men met with epic failure while possessing the Emperor Eagle, the bird statue was considered to be cursed. Batman wonders why Oliver could want it, and all Oliver can tell him is that he wants to own the one thing that has defeated so many powerful men in history and conquer the legend.

The next day, Oliver takes a flight to England to pick up the statue from Lasher's castle. On his way back to the States however, along the way by airplane, the plane is hijacked by the Joker and Two-Face. This forces Oliver to change into the Green Arrow and try to fight them off. When this fails, he changes back to Oliver Queen and is taken hostage with the rest of the passengers, recognizing Oliver, the Joker laughs about being with the man who bought the Eagle, the very thing they chose to steal.

Forcing the plane to land in Pathanistan, the Joker and Two-Face deliver the Emperor Eagle to it's ruler General Mahmood Khan, who sought to reclaim the statue for his people, who originally built it centuries before. In a mockery of justice, Mahmood Khan decides to put Oliver Queen on trial for "illegal" possession of the statue. As the Joker, Two-Face and Khan put on a kangaroo court, Batman and his ally the Atom travel to Pathanistan to try and save their friend. As expected, the trial rules Oliver guilty of stealing the statue and he's sentenced to an execution.

The execution in question involves a bunch of Khan's men on horses with javelins, they are challenged to put the end of their javelins in a ring suspended on a rope, the one who successfully does so gets the honor of killing Oliver. However, Batman arrives and offers a counter challenge: If he's the only one who can get his javelin into the ring, Oliver would be allowed to go free.

What everyone doesn't know is that the Atom is hiding on the ring, shifting it in such a way as to insure Batman's victory.

To Oliver's dismay, Batman agrees to let Khan keep the statue, however Batman is later knocked out by Joker and Two-Face who take him prisoner while they steal the statue. Wanting it for himself, Oliver changes into the Green Arrow and with the Atom goes to the rescue of Batman (also hoping to reclaim the statue for himself.) When they catch up with the Joker and Two-Face, the two heroes find that they've rigged Batman to a solar energy collector, which threatens to burn him with the suns rays reflected through it. Green Arrow and Atom only have moments to decide: Save Batman's life or go after the statue.


  • Part 1 Curse of the Black Bird
  • Part 2 Flight 311 is Hijacked
  • Part 3 The Solar Trap


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