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"Death at Rainbow's End": With Batman left on a solar panel to be fried in the sun by the Joker and Two-Face, Green Arrow and the Atom have two choices: Sav

Appearing in "Death at Rainbow's End"

Featured Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Zardik (Single appearance)
  • Victor Lasher (Dies in flashback)
  • Alexander the Great (Flashback only)


  • Pathanistan


Synopsis for "Death at Rainbow's End"

With Batman left on a solar panel to be fried in the sun by the Joker and Two-Face, Green Arrow and the Atom have two choices: Save Batman, or reclaim the Emperor Eagle, which the two crooks have stolen. Green Arrow temporarily gives up his obsession to save Batman from death, allowing the two crooks to get ahead of them.

Resuming their chase of the Joker and Two-Face the three heroes get caught in a rock slide which seemingly kills Batman, and allows the Joker and Two-Face to get away. Green Arrow and the Atom are then soon captured by the descendants of the villagers who originally built the Emperor Eagle. They are currently building a duplicate of the Eagle and force the two heroes into helping them switch the new one with the original as the Joker and Two-Face sleep for the night. Green Arrow, still seeking to claim the Eagle for himself, takes it over a damaged bridge, bringing it, himself and the Atom down into the river below. However the Green Arrow saves himself and the Atom from drowning and recovers the Emperor Eagle from the water.

They are joined by Batman, who survived the avalanche by falling into a secret cave where he learned the truth about the Eagle, and why the Green Arrow is so interested in owning it: The original creators of the Eagle hid jewels and gold inside the eagle which would be priceless today, and stand to make someone very wealthy. They are surrounded by Khan and his men who force them to turn over the Eagle. However, the curse of the Eagle strikes again when lightning hits the mountain side road that Khan is traveling on with the Eagle, causing them to fall into a bottomless ravine.

Our story ends with the Joker and Two-Face escaping Pathanistan with the fake eagle (still believing it to be the original) Smashing it open, they find that it is empty inside, and Two-Face takes out his anger on his partner.


  • Part 1 - Ambushed By the Ghastley Grimacer
  • Part 2 - Green Arrow's Treachery
  • Part 3 - To Whom the Last Laugh?


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