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Brave and the Bold Vol 1 184


Brave and the Bold Vol 1 184

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"The Batman's Last Christmas!": It is Christmas Eve and Commissioner Gordon summons Batman to inform him that the reports needed to arrest crimelord "Spurs" Sanders have been stolen. Batman goes looking for the criminal and he locates and

Quote1 I'm the best I've been in days, Helena... because I've just realized that the Batman existed for more reasons than fighting crime... he exists to spare others the loss I felt when my parents died-- Quote2
-- Bruce Wayne

Appearing in "The Batman's Last Christmas!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • "Spurs" Sanders (Single appearance)
  • Amos Randolph (Single appearance) (Flashback and main story)

Other Characters:

  • Wally (Single appearance)
  • Jimmy (Single appearance)



Synopsis for "The Batman's Last Christmas!"

It is Christmas Eve and Commissioner Gordon summons Batman to inform him that the reports needed to arrest crimelord "Spurs" Sanders have been stolen. Batman goes looking for the criminal and he locates and captures the thug who stole the documents with help from the recently arrived Huntress. She tells Batman that she used the Justice League Teleporter to reach Earth-One and spend Christmas with the closest thing to a father.

Batman gladly accepts Huntress' company, but as he reads the reports he recovered, he learns that his father, Thomas Wayne, could've been involved with gangsters. Bruce and Helena set out to find the truth and after interrogating Amos Randolph, Thomas Wayne's accountant, they learn that there was indeed missing money from Thomas' account. Later, Huntress and Batman go to Sanders' place and they interrogate the mobster, who in turn gives a tape with Thomas' voice, where he is clearly bankrolling Sanders' criminal activities.

The revelation is extremely hard for Bruce and he decides to end his Batman career as he believes it has all been for nothing. Helena can't help but recall the moment when her own father decided to retire from his Batman identity after her mother's death. In the upcoming days, Bruce Wayne returns to his playboy life, but when he witnesses Huntress saving the life of an innocent man, Bruce realizes that Batman stands for something much greater than vengeance.

In order to find the truth, Bruce and Helena go to Wayne Manor, where Bruce recalls an important clue about Amos Randolph and he finally learns that everything is a well constructed lie. Batman goes to Randolph's place and confronts the elder man about his impersonation of Thomas Wayne and the use of his money to bankroll criminals. Randolph confesses, which is more than enough to bring peace of mind to Bruce and he leaves the elder in his own prison. Meanwhile, Huntress goes to Sunder's place and tells the crook that the truth has been discovered and that Commissioner Gordon will soon have all the evidence needed to put him behind bars.

With all settled, Bruce and Helena spend the holidays together as family and Batman's faith in his quest is restored.

Appearing in "Outfoxed"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Barney Forrest (Nemesis' mechanic) (Final appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Marie Forrest (Barney's daughter) (Final appearance)



  • None


  • Commercial Plane (Destroyed)

Synopsis for "Outfoxed"

Nemesis has a showdown with Greyfox.


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