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Appearing in "Night Wears a Scarlet Shroud!"

Featured Characters:

  • Previous Batman Next
  • Bat-Squad (Single appearance)
    • Mick Murdock (Single appearance)
    • Margo Cantrell (Single appearance)
    • Major Dabney (Single appearance)

Supporting Characters:


  • The Scarlet Strangler (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Basil Coventry (Single appearance)
  • Vivien Tremaine (Single appearance)



  • Old Nazi Warhead (Destroyed in this issue)


  • None

Synopsis for "Night Wears a Scarlet Shroud!"

While in England, Batman begins investigating incidents of murder on the set of a film telling the story of England's famous Scarlet Strangler. Enlisting the aid of the "Bat-Squad" consisting of Mick, Margo, and The Major. The foursome search the streets of London trying to find clue of the Strangler. Eventually after a few encounters, and mysteries leading the group to wonder if they traveled back to the Stranglers time, they find the Strangler in an old wine cellar.

Saving Margo, and learning that the Strangler is film actor Basil Coventry, Batman's fight with the killer is stopped when they break through the floor and Batman finds himself pinned under a Nazi Bomb left over from World War II. Batman ordering everyone to leave the site before the bomb explodes manages to escape before it's impending explosion. Afterwards, Basil explains that he is the grandson of the original Strangler, and that the family obsession made him crack and believe he himself was the Strangler. With the case wrapped up, Batman expresses his interest in someday to work with the "Bat-Squad" again in the future.



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