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in: Murray Boltinoff/Executive Editor, Nick Cardy/Cover Artist, Bob Haney/Writer John Broome/Writer, Arnold Drake/Writer, Jim Aparo/Penciler, Jim Aparo/Inker, Jim Aparo/Letterer, Murray Boltinoff/Editor, Carmine Infantino/Penciler, Sy Barry/Inker, Julius Schwartz/Editor, Bob Brown/Penciler, Bob Brown/Inker, Bruce Wayne (Earth-One)/Appearances, Phantom Stranger (New Earth)/Appearances, James Gordon (Earth-One)/Appearances, Gotham City/Appearances, GCPD Headquarters/Appearances, Long Island/Appearances, Reprints, Challengers of the Unknown (New Earth)/Appearances, Kyle Morgan (New Earth)/Appearances, Lester Davis (New Earth)/Appearances, Walter Haley (New Earth)/Appearances, Matthew Ryan (New Earth)/Appearances, Colorado/Appearances, Challengers Mountain/Appearances, Comics, 1971, 1971, November, August 11, 1971 (Publication), 1971, August (Publication), Brave and the Bold Vol 1, Bronze-Age, Colourist Credit Needed, Synopsis Written

Brave and the Bold Vol 1 98


Brave and the Bold Vol 1 98

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"Mansion of the Misbegotten!": When Batman goes to visit his old friend Roger Birnam, who is dying, he promises to watch over Birnam's wife Clorinda and his son Enoch. After the funeral, when a man who posed as Birnam's doctor and as a religious articles salesman turn

Appearing in "Mansion of the Misbegotten!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Clorinda Birnham (Only appearance; dies)
  • Enoch Birnham (Only appearance; dies)
  • Walt Higgins (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Roger Birnham (Only appearance; dies)
  • Mac (Gotham Coroner) (First appearance)
  • Roger Jr. (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "Mansion of the Misbegotten!"

When Batman goes to visit his old friend Roger Birnam, who is dying, he promises to watch over Birnam's wife Clorinda and his son Enoch. After the funeral, when a man who posed as Birnam's doctor and as a religious articles salesman turns out at the Gotham morgue, victim of a ritual murder, Batman rushes to Birnam Towers to check on Birnam's family.

Batman soon finds himself caught in a Satanic cult ritual, with the little Enoch as the leader. Batman is easily captured, but he is saved by the arrival of the Phantom Stranger. Together, Batman and Phantom Stranger try to find a way to stop the cultists, but Batman is captured and offered as a sacrifice to Enoch, the warlock leader of the cult. During the ritual, Lucifer appears and takes Batman away, claiming his soul as the ultimate prize. However, it was all a charade staged by the Phantom Stranger to save Batman and once again, they start working to bring down the evil worshippers. Taking Enoch and bringing him to a psychiatric ward, Batman is shocked to find the boy has no knowledge of the occult, and deduces that the Birnams had two children not just one.

Returning to the Birnam residence, Batman is forced to battle Clorinda and the evil Enoch with the help of the Phantom Stranger. However the appearance of Roger's ghost scares Clorinda so badly she falls over the railing of a stairwell to her death along with her evil son, Enoch. Afterwards, the Phantom Stranger moves away to find the next mystery and Batman makes a promise to take care of Roger's good son, Roger, Jr.

Appearing in "The Killer Shadow!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Myra Hunter (Single appearance)


  • John Neville (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "The Killer Shadow!"

This story is reprinted from Phantom Stranger #2.

The Phantom Stranger becomes involved in a scheme by a corrupt man whose main goal is to murder a woman using tricks with her shadow to drive her insane.

Appearing in "One Challenger Must Die"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Volcano Men (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:



  • None


  • Challengers' Plane

Synopsis for "One Challenger Must Die"

This story is reprinted from Challengers of the Unknown #32.

The Volcano Men are appearing on an island, multiplying by splitting, growing large by merging. The Challengers can’t agree on an attack. Ace wants to use LOX, Professor Haley CO2 foam. The team splits to pursue their own methods, but both sides fear “one Challenger might die”. Separate attacks fail, and the boys stop Rocky from making a suicidal rush. Finally they work together. Ace Morgan’s LOX cools the Professor, who wields super-CO2. Smothered, the Volcano Man crumbles to ash. The Challengers agree to work together from now on.



  • This is the first solo Batman story illustrated by the legendary artist Jim Aparo, who worked on the character until the late 90s.

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