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"The Lords of Luck (Part V) - The Batman of Tomorrow": Batman's interaction with the Harsupex brings him to the 31st century and placed in the charge of the Legion of Super-Heroes. [[Querl Dox (Earth-Prime)

Quote1 Batman. Sit! Stay! We can't defend ourselves and babysit you at the same time! Quote2
-- Brainiac 5

Appearing in "The Lords of Luck (Part V) - The Batman of Tomorrow"

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Synopsis for "The Lords of Luck (Part V) - The Batman of Tomorrow"

Batman's interaction with the Harsupex brings him to the 31st century and placed in the charge of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Brainiac 5 examines him and determines that the Haruspex has created chronal anomolies within Batman's cellular structure. As long as he remains where he is, temporal rifts will begin to form. Unfortunately, the Legion does not possess the means to return him to his normal timeline. One of the temporal rifts opens and a group of Intellagents pours outward. While the Legion engages the Intellagents, Batman steals Brainiac 5's flight ring and makes his escape.

Meanwhile, Supergirl meets back up with Green Lantern on the planet Rann where she meets Adam Strange. Strange escorts them to a group of ruins under the control of General Mondath. Mondath has the Book of Destiny, which foretells the immediate arrival of the Luck Lords.

In the 31st century, the Legion mobilizes and begins tracking down Batman. Brainiac reconfigures the remote access on his flight ring enabling the rest of the team to home in on the ring's location. Batman is a better tactician than the Legion members however and manages to take them down one by one.

Saturn Girl suddenly comes upon a startling realization. In trying to evade capture, Batman is actually trying to save the 31st century. The power of the Haruspex will only activate when it's target is perceived as a threat. Saturn Girl broadcasts a telepathic warning, but it is too late. Phantom Girl has the Haruspex and fires it at Batman. There is a blinding flash of blue light and Batman disappears.

When next he opens his eyes, he sees one of the Luck Lords standing over him holding the Book of Destiny.



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