Brendan Nashs father was a construction worker and owned a factory.

He had a fear of leaving Smallville High School after graduation, because he wanted everyone of significance to be there with him. Because he wasn't accepted into any colleges, he wanted to be with all those that mattered. Brendan was the school photographer at the Smallville Torch. He coerced his father into making a replica of Smallville High's interior inside one of his factories, threatening to turn his wife into a statue.

Soon, Brendan kidnapped five students: Haley Timmonds, Wendell Johnson, Delia Watkins, Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang and placed them in his Smallville High. He kept a close watch over them and had them play along like they were still in school. He threatened to turn them into statues if anyone did not go along with it. However, Clark Kent and Lois Lane came to their rescue and managed to stop him. Brendan was not able to turn Clark into a statue. Instead, Brendan's power reflected back onto him, fatally turning him into a wax statue. With Brendan dead, his waxified victims revived.


  • He had the ability to freeze people and turn them into wax. He could also turn them back. Upon his death, the frozen people would turn back to normal.


  • Brendan Nash was played by the actor Steven Grayhm.



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