After being affected by the gas at the "Big Bang", Brick House gained the properties and appearance of a Brick wall. The transformation made her become mentally slow, amnesic, and epileptic. Brick didn't remember her name, her family,how she looked, or anything. Because of her transformation, Brick was unidentifiable to anyone. Shortly after the Bang, Brick was captured by members of SYSTEM who offered to assist her condition which included her appearance and her memories as well. Brick agreed to let the SYSTEM help her get back to normal and was transported to a secret SYSTEM facility. There Brick had several test ran on her and no results in helping her. What Brick didn't know at the time was that the SYSTEM was a deadly organization that planned on making weapons out of these “bang babies”. While at this facility, Brick notices the treatment the other mutates received and decides to escape with another Bang Baby. Due to her invulnerability, Brick was able to escape while her friend was re-captured. As Brick wanders the streets of Paris Island, she is found by The Blood Syndicate. Brick breaks down her story to Tech-9 and he offers Brick not only his help, but a spot on the team. Brick happily accepts the offer, especially since it's the only chance she has to live in a house/home setting, and becomes the newest member of the original Blood Syndicate team.Brick provided the Blood Syndicate with a source of great strength, and a cover from gun fire. Brick had several seizures (aka Brick Quakes) initially but gained better control of it with the help of Kwai and Third Rail. Brick would slowly gain her memory over time. Brick also received "facelift" after a portion of her face was destroyed during a fight with the Shadow Cabinet. The "facelift" gave Brick more feminine features and helped to improve her confidence. She later fell in love with Blood Syndicate member Third Rail after the Demon Fox saga. Brick along with Third, eventually left the Syndicate to make their own fast food restaurant. After Wise Son regained his status as leader of the Syndicate, Third and Brick returned to the team as reserve members.



  • Brickhouse has a long-term romantic relationship with Third Rail.



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