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Quote1 'Good'! 'Evil'! Outmoded concepts for an antique age. Can't you see? There is no good, there is no evil in our new world! Look at us! Are we not final proof that there is no good, no evil, no truth, no reason? Are we not proof that the universe is a drooling idiot with no fashion sense? From this day on we will celebrate the total absurdity of life, the gigantic hocus-pocus of existence. From this day on, let unreason reign! The Brotherhood of Evil is dead! Long live the Brotherhood of Dada! Quote2
--Mr. Nobodysrc


Eric Morden aspired to join the Brotherhood of Evil, but after an unfortunate incident was forced to flee their wrath. Mr. Morden was later transformed into Mr. Nobody and decided to form his own superteam with four other outcasts he discovered in trips around the world. He created a new Brotherhood, one not dedicated to evil, which Mr. Nobody considers an outmoded concept, but to Dada. He then set out to create an anarchist version of the Brotherhood, naming his the Brotherhood of Dada composed of Sleepwalk, Quiz, Fog, and Frenzy . Their goal was to bring chaos to the world. and their first project took them to the vaults of Mr. Horst Eismann, a German collector of bizarre artifacts. They found a painting that could devour anything that beheld it. Taking the painting to the base of the Eiffel Tower, they absorbed themselves and the entire city of Paris. The Brotherhood accidentally awoke Extinction, the Fifth Horseman, who had been trapped in the painting when it was created. They reluctantly asked the Doom Patrol to help destroy it. Through their combined efforts they beat Extinction just as the painting started disintegrating. The painting vomited up Paris, and the Doom Patrol escaped, but the Brotherhood were trapped. Everyone except Mr. Nobody was perfectly happy with their new life inside the painting.

Mr. Nobody escaped thanks to Agent ! and created the New Brotherhood of Dada. With plans to run the country. This incarnation of the Brotherhood of Dada was composed of Agent "!", Alias the Blur, Number None, Toy, and the Love Glove. They stole the bicycle of Albert Hofmann, and used its lysergic resonance to power Mr Nobody's presidential campaign to turn the entire population of USA into happy-go-lucky individuals who were about to vote for him for President. However, the Pentagon sent Yankee Doodle (one of their own "weirdos" against him.). Despite the best effort of the Doom Patrol, Yankee Doodle kills almost the entire Brotherhood of Dada. Only then does the missing member of the Brotherhood of Dada, the Toy appear.


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The Brotherhood of Dada had a flashback cameo in Doom Patrol V #6 and Teen Titans III #32.

In Infinite Crisis, a member of H.I.V.E. mentioned seeing Punch and Jewelee at a "Save the Brotherhood of Dada" rally

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