Bruce Wayne is the son of wealthy doctor Thomas Wayne and his wife Martha. He was a friend of Oswald Cobblepot until the latter's family fell into tragedy and leading to Oswald moving to the United Kingdom in which they never seen each other for the next twenty years.

At the age of nine, Bruce and his parents went to see a movie. After the movie, they were held at gunpoint by a mugger named Joe Chill, who then proceed to kill both Thomas and Martha. Bruce was left to be raise by his family's butler, Alfred Pennyworth. The deaths of his parents drove Bruce to becoming committed to ridding crime and corruption that plagued Gotham City. Within twenty years, Bruce becomes a vigilante known as the Batman.

Bruce became a sponsor for his friend and the city's district attorney Harvey Dent, who was running for mayor against Hamilton Hill. He was later reunited with Oswald Cobblepot, who tells him about the "revolution" that he is starting in Gotham and asking Bruce to be on the right side when it starts. Troubles soon arose for Bruce in which evidences emerges that his parents were affiliated with crimeboss Carmine Falcone, who earlier tried to forge a partnership with Bruce.

As Lieutenant Gordon leads an investigation on the Waynes about any possible connection to Falcone, Bruce, as Batman, investigates Falcone, discovering a bloodbath at one of his chemical plants. Discovering a device left by Catwoman, Bruce is able to decrypt it and discover evidence needed to take down Falcone. Delivering the evidence to Gordon, Bruce confronts Falcone as Batman, who is captured and reveals a massive bombshell - the Waynes are the biggest mobsters in Gotham City.

Returning to Crime Alley, Alfred reveals that Falcone is right - that the Waynes were terrible people. Alfred was planning on leaving, but their deaths forced him to stay behind and take care of Bruce, hoping to atone for their sins. With this information, Bruce is forced to revisit the night his parents were murdered and realizes his idealized memory of them blocked out important things - that Joe Chill wasn't a random criminal who attempted to mug his parents, but was sent to assassinate the entire Wayne family, but failed when the police showed up. Even more, his father's last words made him realize that Falcone set this up.

Confronting Falcone in the hospital due to his being roughed up by Batman, Falcone attempts to appeal to Bruce, claiming he genuinely liked the Waynes and even considered Bruce family. He denied putting the hit on the Waynes, but before he could reveal who, Renee Montoya suddenly murdered him. After stopping her from attempting to shoot Gordon, Bruce accompanies Gordon and Dent as they tried to figure out what happened to Montoya. Discovering evidence of her being drugged, Bruce sent the samples to the Batcave while he alerted Gordon of what he found.

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  • Bruce mentions that he was nine years old when his parents were killed, making him approximately twenty-nine years old during the events of the game, which is set twenty years after their murders.
  • If Batman reveals his identity to Lady Arkham to protect Alfred then he will lose a small piece of his right ear during the resulting fight.



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