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During the 1930s, the crimefighter Batman took to the streets of Shanghai, enforcing his sense of justice on the criminals of the city. When Catwoman and Bane battled for control of the Scroll of Destiny, Batman appeared and used his mastery of hand-to-hand combat to effortlessly defeat both of the costumed thieves and took the scroll for himself, disappearing into the night in the form of a flock of bats.


  • Metamorphosis: Batman has the ability to merge with shadow and transform his body at will into a flock of Bats, allowing him to change into his costume from his civilian identity and flee from a scene with haste.


  • Escrima sticks: Batman wields a pair of glowing Escrima which doubled as nunchaku, in either state both forms were capable of dealing a great deal of melee damage to his foes.



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