After bearing witness to the senseless killing of his parents, young Bruce Wayne was set on his life's mission to fight the evils that lurk in the night. With training from across the globe and an arsenal of cutting edge technology funded by the Wayne fortune, he adopted a fearsome bat persona to intimidate criminals. Relentlessly pursuing those that prey on the innocent Batman seeks to save others from suffering the losses he has endured.

Batman was part of the heroes who stood up to fight the forces of Nekron and his army of Manhunters, making unlikely alliances with some of his usual enemies.




  • There are three playable versions of Batman in the game. The default version is called "Caped Crusader" and is an original design for the game. The second version is called "The Dark Knight" and is designed after the DC Extended Universe version of Batman. The third version is called "World's Greatest Detective" and it is another original design, although it is reminiscent of some comic book versions.