Quote1 I met a billionaire with high-tech toys and a wonderous woman who will throw you for a loop. Quote2
-- Chloe Sullivan src

Bruce Wayne was born the only son of billionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne. When he was eight years old, Bruce was out at the movies with his parents. As they cut through an alley on their way home, a mugger named Joe Chill confronted them and gunned Thomas and Martha right in front of Bruce. Raised by his family butler, Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce dedicated his life to fighting crime and injustice in all their forms. He spent years training his body and mind to human perfection and returned home to Gotham City ready to wage his war on crime as the masked vigilante known as Batman.

A few years later, Bruce Wayne was encountered by Chloe Sullivan, when she was looking for more heroes. [1]

Upon learning of Joe Chill's connection to Bruno Mannheim and Intergang, Batman comes to Metropolis, along with his sidekick, Nightwing, to investigate and encounters Superman and Green Arrow.


  • Bruce Wayne was mentioned by Chloe Sullivan in the episode Fortune. She never said his name, but described him as "A billionaire with high-tech toys".
  • Bruce Wayne's physical appearance is a mix of Benjamin Bratt and Simon Baker [2].



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