Created as a genetic experiment, Bubastis is a mutated lynx who serves as Adrian Veidt's sole companion through most of his adult life.

She is first seen in a flashback when Doctor Manhattan and Laurie Juspeczyk visit Adrian at his Antarctic fortress.

She sat with Adrian as he watched his televisions, becoming distressed at Rorschach and Nite Owl's arrival. Once they arrive, she is used as a deterrent against violence from the heroes. Once Jon arrives, she confronts him as he is following Veidt. After asking her forgiveness, a switch is thrown by her master, destroying her and Jon in the process.


Claws and fangs.

  • During an extra at the end of one volume, Adrian's marketers write to him asking if she (and several other costumed figures) could be added to the Ozymandias toy line. While he rejects the others, he approves of Bubastis, asking for a toy of her once it is released.
  • Bubastis' color changes between mediums; in the comics, she is red, but in the movie, she is blue.

    Bubastis in the movie.