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In the recreated Earth-51, Buddy Blank was a semi-retired tech working for Cadmus. He was reassigned to "guest relations" to the New Earth's Challengers from Beyond, The Atom, Firestorm, Mary Marvel, Holly Robinson, Harley Quinn, Jimmy Olsen, Forager, and Una. He witnessed the seriousness of the displaced heroes over the deceased Karate Kid, who possessed the Morticoccus Virus, and the turn of events that would transcend Earth-51 and its entire universe into the Great Disaster. While remained behind the scene, Buddy figured everything himself of how the virus worked in transforming human and advanced lifeforms into primitive animals and animals into humanized forms, and comforting an upset Una, who he grew attach with her. Eventually Buddy realized the futility of preventing the Morticoccus Virus outbreak and planned on reuniting with his daughter and his grandson. Accompanied with Una, Buddy traveled through a chaotic Metropolis and arrived at his family's apartment building. Only finding his grandson who hid from his changed feral mother, Buddy and Una escaped upstairs from hoards of mutant rats and coming across Buddy's feral daughter. Buddy and his grandson were forced to escape after Una, upon her death from the rats, gave Buddy her Legion Flight Ring. Both grandfather and grandson fled to the Command D bunker where Buddy gained access from Brother Eye and witnessed the end of the world as Earth is finally engulfed in nuclear Armageddon. After this, Buddy remains hopeful for having his grandson to watch over, and prayed that his grandson would forgive him for "making him the last boy on Earth."



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