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Bueno Excellente was a member of Section Eight. During the reformation of the team Bueno Excellente was hanging out in an adult movie theater. He helped fight the Mawzir's henchmen during Hitman:Smoking Aces.[1][2][3] In Hitman: Super Guy Bueno Excellente and Section Eight fought The Many Angled Ones. He was not attacked by The Many Angled Ones. Bueno Excellente later follows Dr. Jackson and kills him, possibly to avenge Sixpack.[4]


  • Powers of Perversion: Bueno Excellente is able to subdue or kill his enemies with this power. It is never shown how this power works. He always uses his power off panel.
  • Bueno Excellente is a pervert.
  • He and Sixpack are the only members of Section Eight to survive the battle against The Many Angled Ones.
  • He only says the words bueno or excellente.


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