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History of character has not yet been written.


  • Deception: She posed as an agent in the Hive Academy for many months before Cyborg ever got it. She fooled Brother Blood for exactly as long.[1]
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): She was trained as a Hive Agent and took combat classes.[1]
  • Science: She was trained in various science-related fields before her career as a super-hero.[1]
  • Electrical Engineering: She created her costume from scratch and had done so before joining the Hive Academy. She knew the blueprints to the underwater academy and was able to short circuit it's electrical power mainframe.[1]
  • Robotic Engineering: She copied and deleted Cyborg's sonic cannon blueprints from the Hive mainframe and reprogrammed it to build the base and create robotic squid the attack the Titans as a ruse to fool Brother Blood.[1]


  • Bumblebee Costume
  • Size Alteration: She can shrink to the size of a bumblebee and retain her voice level and strength level, while that small she was able to knock Cyborg around in conjunction with her flight.
  • Flight: Electrically controlled wings which vibrate like a bumblebee's wings.


  • Wings


  • Bumblebee Stingers
  • Energy Projection: Her stringers show electrical energy outwards which was enough to blast Cyborg back and destroy Hive equipment as well as overpower electrical circuits.
  • She calls Cyborg "Sparky" much to his dismay.[1]



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