Burt Weston was a former Hollywood stuntman and failed actor, who faked his own death in order to create a master plan for his ultimate comeback. Changing his appearance by shaving his hair, Weston turned to crime and based his criminal activities of old movies, including the dialogue. His modus operandi drew the attention of the Gotham vigilantes, Batman, Robin, Catwoman and Sargeant Harvey Bullock, who learned about him thanks to Julia Pennyworth's investigative work. In fact, it was Julia's publication in the Gotham Gazette that first gave Weston the alias of Film Freak.[1] Despite adopting the nickname given by Julia, Film Freak changed his crimes and focused on recreating murder scenes from movies to eliminate her and all the people from his past, who he believed had betrayed him.[2] When he tried to murder Julia a second time, he was stopped by the combined efforts of Batman, Robin, Catwoman and Bullock, putting an end to his mad crimes.[3]

Weston, along with many other fellow criminals, fell under the Mad Hatter's mind control. Hatter used all of the criminals to set up a trap for Batman, but he sent Film Freak to find out who is responsible for releasing the inmates from Arkham Asylum. Weston discovered Bane's location, but before he was capable of reporting back to Hatter, Bane found him and using extreme violence, he killed Burt Weston, ending the criminal career and life of Film Freak.[4]


  • Acting: Although he was a failed actor when he tried to break into the TV and film industry, his skills improved once he turned to crime, having to act his way away from crime scenes.[3]
  • Disguise



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