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When the Brotherhood of Evil threatened every hero around the world, the original Teen Titans split up to alert as many heroes as they could.

In Japan, Robin arrived to find the hero known as Bushido under attack by a band of ninjas. The two heroes immediately began working together and defeated the ninjas. After the fight, Robin hands the Japanese hero a communicator and considers him an honory Titan.[1]

The Brotherhood of Evil later begins their purge of heroes. Bushido was, of course, one of the heroes attacked. Unfortunately, he was one of the unlucky ones and was easily defeated. Bushido was taken back to the Brotherhood's base in Paris, France where he was cryogenically frozen.

With many heroes beaten, Beast Boy lead a rogue team of honorary Titans to reclaim their friends. During the heroes' siege, Bushido was freed from his frozen state and helped beat the rest of the villains. Bushido then returned with the rest of the heroes to Jump City where he temporarily stayed.[2]


  • Martial Arts
  • Swordsmanship: Bushido is a master swordsman and is a skilled fighter. Bushido is fast and agile, making him a major threat to his foes.



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