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Byron Jones was a wimp who lived in a trailer park with his wife and son. Jones worked as a security guard for a government research facility. Working around experimental materials at the facility gave him superhuman strength and durability. When his son was killed by a neighbor's dog, Jones snapped. He killed the dog, his own wife for neglecting their child's safety, the dog's owner, and finally the police that came to arrest him. Jones became a Torpedo in Tao's criminal Syndicate.

Jones became friends with Prodigal Holden Carver, and they often worked together on missions. During a raid on an FBI facility to retrieve the Staff of Cleopatra, Genocide Jones was killed by FBI agents armed with powerful laser weaponry.



Though incredibly dense, Genocide Jones's flesh and bone could still be pierced by high-powered laser beams.

  • Despite Jones' brutal and violent nature, he is morally unwilling to see children being put into harm's way given to the fact that he had fathered a son.



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