Byron Lewis had a privileged upbringing and sought adventure around the world. When he returned home from a trip to Africa he saw that his country had been taken storm by the crime fighters. Seeking to help the less fortunate and fight oppression and corruption he decided his thirst for adventure and heroism could be sated by becoming the Mothman.

Due to his family's money and inventive nature he created special wings that allowed him to glide through the air. However, years of dangerous adventure and crime fighting was taking its toll on the man and he became addicted to liniment and alcohol to cope with the pain.


Despite the pain and suffering and faulty equipment, he joined the Minutemen to do good on a higher level and had many adventures with them over the years. He was the second member to leave the group before it became officially defunct; he left due to his increasing mental instability.


At the height of the McCarthy era in the 1950s, Lewis came under pressure of the House of Un-American Committee trials due to previously befriending to left-wing friends during his student days. Because of the investigations, Lewis was committed into a mental asylum in Maine in 1962. He was briefly released for the Minutemen's reunion, but was still in a mentally fragile wreck.[1]




  • Moth-Wings: Lewis' moth wings allow him to glide through the air for short periods of time, making him appear as though he can fly.
  • Lewis' death was revealed via a newspaper obituary seen in the supplementary material in Doomsday Clock #2.