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Byzjn Wazzo is the father of famed Legionnaire Phantom Girl. Mr Wazzo lived on his home planet of Bgtzl with his wife Winema Wazzo and two children Gmya Wazzo and Tinya Wazzo. The Wazzo's are an upper/middle class family as her parent were both respected attorneys.

The family lived an average Bgztlian life until his daughter began experiencing dreams in which she traveled to another world. Doctors and scientist studied and found she could phase beyond the limits of any other member of her people. She could travel trhough the |Buffer Zone to the planet which they dubbed "Bgtzl-2,". In adolescence, his wife stifled Tinya's burgeoning interest in boys, a restriction which only led Tinya to rebel.

She was drawn to "bad boys" and was ultimately sent off to an all girls' school as punishment. Near her graduation, her father died and Tinya's bitterness towards her mother intensified.


  • Phasing: Byzjn Wazzo possesses the ability to shift to another dimension, allowing him to phase through solid matter. As a veritable phantom, he cannot be harmed by conventional means of attack. This is a power common to all natives of Bgtzl. It also enables him to access the Phantom Zone.

Strength level

  • Byzjn Wazzo possesses the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engages in moderate regular exercise.
  • This version of Byzjn Wazzo (Pre-Zero Hour) is no longer considered part of canon continuity. All history and corresponding appearances of Byzjn Wazzo (Pre-Zero Hour) were erased from continuity following the events of the 1994 limited series Zero Hour: Crisis in Time.



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