Calculha was one of the first and most powerful mages of ancient Atlantis, having been born since the beginning of creation after Darkworld came into fruition billions of years ago as one of Darkworld's gods.[1] He represents the Atlantean force of good.[1]

A follower of the light, Calchulha eventually met his equal in the form of the evil sorceress, Majistra. However, the two mated with one another giving birth to the twin children, Ahri'ahn and Garn Daanuth. When Majistra consolidated her power base, Calculha placed himself into self-imposed exile in the Dark World, sacrificing himself to stop Majistra's madness once and for all.

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  • Ghostly Physiology
  • Magic: A Darkworld God, he possess the ability to perform magic. His prowess in performing magic is renown and not only earned him the title of being the first and most powerful mage in Atlantis history but also makes him the most powerful out of the Seven Gods of Darkworld, surpassing the likes of Lords of Chaos and Lords of Order originating from Darkworld.[2] He once stated to have had the power to destroy dimensions.[3]



  • Power Limitation: Although he is powerful, his old age hindered his performance in battle and was more capable in his prime.[3]



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