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Talon Vol 1 3 Textless
Information-silkReal NameCalvin Rose
Information-silkCurrent AliasTalon
Information-silkAffiliationFormerly Haly's Circus, Court of Owls, Batman Incorporated
Information-silkBase Of OperationsGotham City
Information-silkIdentitySecret Identity
Information-silkMarital StatusSingle
Information-silkOriginAfter being trained as an escape artist with Haly's Circus, he was selected by the Court of Owls as a Talon. He has been on the run since he refused to kill two targets, and decided to turn his skills against the Court.
Information-silkUniversePrime Earth
Information-silkCreatorsJames Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Guillem March
First Appearance


Calvin Rose was eight years old when his father locked him in an old dog kennel and threw away the key. He kept hitting the chain to the gate with a rock for three nights with no progress. On the third night he found the chain's weak spot and hit it off, running from his home until his legs gave out. He soon discovered an old man who performed at Haly's Circus, who took him in and trained him to become an escape artist. Over that summer he could pick any lock that you could throw at him. By age ten he knew fourteen different way's to escape from a straightjacket. When the old man passed away Calvin took over his act. When he was thirteen he was set for a star act of the Gotham spectacular which is the biggest show of the year however Mr. Haly took him to a private performance for the Court of Owls. He did his usual performance except it was in the dark. It was the first time since the kennel since he felt trapped but he manages to calm himself and escape. Mr. Harley gave him over to the man from the Court were he agrees to join the court so that he can get rid of evil people.

After that he undergoes years of training to become a Talon he has to kill the one he has to replace, he is put into a maze as a final test. However he manages to escape from the maze (being the first one to ever do this) and is accepted into the Court. He was sent on a mission to break into the apartment of the late Eric Washington, whose company Security had been developing the most advanced security systems for years. Needless to say, Washington's apartment was equipped with the highest quality systems,because was extremely paranoid. Since his death, the company - and his apartment - had been inherited by his twenty-three-year-old daughter Casey, much to the chagrin of his investors. The Court had ordered Calvin to bring an end to the Washington bloodline. Until he had broken into the apartment and prepared himself for the murder he would have to commit, Calvin had not thought why the Court had not specifically asked him to target Casey Washington. This was because she had a two year old daughter named Sarah. He started to feel sick as he realized that these were not bad people so he knocked Casey out and escaped with her and Sarah.

Five Years Ago

Five years ago Calvin was repairing the New Trigate Bridge were his boss saw a man who appeared to be a jumper who had been killed by a talon. He stabbed Calvin took his clothes and chained him up locking him in a car trunk and pushing the car into the water. He removed a lockpick from calloused skin on the bottom of his foot and escaped from the car. He tied up the talon with the chain were he discovers that the Court of Owls are still after him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit





  • Infrared Goggles
  • Smoke Bombs


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