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Camilla Ortin was the daughter of Oscar Ortin, a fireworks salesman. Camilla's disdain for the noise of her father's trade and the death of her parents in a fireworks factory explosion led her to find solace in silence and practice the art of mime. Taking on the stage name of Camilla Cameo, she started the Cameo Company, which abruptly went bankrupt. This led Camilla to a life of crime as The Mime.


  • Dancing: Camilla is skilled in mime and ballet.
  • Martial Arts: Camilla is a master of Snake style Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan. Her skills allowed her to easily subdue Batman by choking him out before he could even respond. She later was able to defeat Batman and Robin while fighting them simultaneously. Camilla uses her slender build and agility to dodge an opponent's attacks while unleashing a barrage of quick finger jabs to their eyes with remarkable precision. Before her opponent recovers she takes them out with brutal combinations utilizing well placed punches and kicks to their eyes, throat, carotid arteries, various nerve clusters and groin.
  • Thievery
  • Acrobatics
  • Camilla Ortin seldom speaks, which leads people to think she is mute.



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