A helper and secretary of Rubert Thorne.

During Harvey Dent's campaign against Thorne, Candice was sent to investigate Dent's private life and she discovered that the man suffered from multiple personality disorder. She informed this to her employer and Thorne lured Dent into a trap to blackmail him. Candice was delighted when Dent attacked Thorne and Batman joined the fight.[1]

Six months after the incident, Candice posed as Detective Leopold and tricked Grace Lamont into using a device when she had contacted Harvey Dent, now working as the criminal Two-Face. Grace was soon contacted by Dent and used the device given by Candice, which allowed Thorne and his gang to locate Two-Face's hideout. During the subsequent fight, Candice tried to attack Two-Face with a vase, but she was attacked and knocked into a wall by Grace. After the fight, the police arrived and arrested Thorne's gang, including Candice.[2]



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