"Brave New World": At a empty Halo Corporation building, Cole Cash consults with Jeremy Stone (Maul) in confirming the Void's signature that Cole saw after Majestic was defeated by [[Nathaniel Adam (New Earth)|Captain A

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At a empty Halo Corporation building, Cole Cash consults with Jeremy Stone (Maul) in confirming the Void's signature that Cole saw after Majestic was defeated by Captain Atom. Though Jeremy is skeptical of Void's presence, as he hacks through every tracking system and surveillance satellite, he confirms to Cole that there are two energy signatures of the Void.

Meanwhile, Captain Atom flies over North America and notes this Earth's difference from his own for it lacks cities such as Gotham City and Metropolis, and travels to San Diego. After inadvertently frightening a civilian after questioning him about the city that isn't "sunk into the ocean," Atom turn into his human guise to easily talk to normal people without scaring them. He talk to a man about superheroes, such as Superman, being unheard of in this world, and learning that this world's heroes are not appreciated by normal people. Atom then utilize a callbox and use his power to access America's entire info-net and finally realize that he is truly in an alternate world.

At the Halo Building, Cole reunites with the former members of the WildC.A.T.s. He informs everyone that Void have return and that Captain Atom (though his name is not yet known to them) possess the other half of the Void energy, and recommending the team in capturing him. Cole himself decides to look for the other one, paramedic Nikola Hanssen, who possessed the signature. As the others prepares to set out after Captain Atom, Maul questions Cole as to why he is doing it by himself to go after Hanssen in which Cole honestly states that he doesn't know why but feels compel to track her by himself.

Meanwhile, Atom decides to find a way back to his world by flying as fast as possible. But he is then confronted again by Majestic, who informs Atom that he is not here to fight but to help him.

Atom is brought to Majestic's base in Mount Rushmore and is surprised in seeing the level amount of technology Majestic possesses. Majestic informs Atom that he himself knows that he came from a parallel Earth and that by using his Kheran difference engine it is possible that he may find a way to bring Atom back to his world. Amazed, Captain Atom questions Majestic as to who he is. Majestic then briefs him of his background, from his role as a soldier of the Kherubim people and their near eternal war against the Daemonites, and circumstances that have brought himself in protecting his Earth when the war expanded to the planet. Captain Atom then admitted to Majestic that he too was a soldier and explain of his background, and that being a hero isn't enough to make an impression when "working in the shadow of Superman". In hearing this, Majestic surprise Atom that he previous met Superman long before and briefly relates his adventures with him, furthermore stating that if he can travel to Captain Atom's universe so can Atom. Much later, after analyzing and simulating the multiple possible ways in bringing Atom back to his reality, Majestic is surprise to discover that he can't find none of the possibilities to work.

Meanwhile, Nikola Hanssen is fired from her job due to being unable to work because of being pierced with the Void fragment. As Nikola leaves from her work building, Cole finds and spies on her. Though Cole is doubtful of Nikola of being the Void, he decides to check on her. Cole introduce himself to Nikola as a agent of the "Department of Meta-Human Compensation Affairs" and wants to help her. When shaking her hand, Cole suddenly sees a vision of Void, who she greets him. After recovering from his senses, Cole confirms to Nikola that she's "the one".

Back at Mount Rushmore, Captain Atom talks to Majestic that he decide to find other help from other super-powered beings. But Majestic warns him that some are not to be trusted. Though Atom takes his advice, he still decide to find help and believes that there are similar organizations that he relates to would be able to help him and then leaves. After bidding Captain Atom with good luck, Majestic returned to his base and receive a disturbing message from his difference engine. According to the machine, if Captain Atom isn't returned to his Earth he would start a reaction that would destroy the entirety of the Wildstorm Universe.

Meanwhile Captain Atom arrives at his intended destination in Washington, D.C. as he floats above the White House's front lawn.



  • Nikola's last name is revealed.

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