"War-Day": Captain Atom has been drafted by the Pentagon to function as a leader of Earth Command throughout the great Invasion!. He is working alongside Amanda Waller, [[Maxwell Lord IV (New Earth)|Maxwell Lor

Quote1 If you think I won't shoot, you're in for a big surprise. Quote2
-- Wade Eiling

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Synopsis for "War-Day"

Captain Atom has been drafted by the Pentagon to function as a leader of Earth Command throughout the great Invasion!. He is working alongside Amanda Waller, Maxwell Lord and Wade Eiling, functioning as the coordinator for all super-heroic activity.

As their first order of business, they are launching a preliminary strike against the Alien Alliance. A pilot is required to fly into space for a covert operation and reprogram the New Genesis Device orbiting the planet to attack the invaders. Although Cap initially volunteers, Steve Trevor is asked to undertake the daring flight. Mere hours before he's supposed to go up, he is completely incapacitated under mysterious circumstances, and Atom goes in his stead anyway.

Durlans are responsible for the sabotage, and as Eiling discovers that Trevor has been replaced, Atom realizes the shuttle has been tampered with. They are attempting to abduct him, and destroy his crew. Luckily, his nuclear powers allow him to break free and escape the trap. He bursts down to Earth, finding Wade locked in a death struggle against the Durlan infiltrator. The treacherous alien attempts to flee, but Atom stops it before it can exit the base.

Although their plan was ultimately a failure, they did thwart the spies who threatened to compromise their entire command center. Now that Captain Atom has saved his life, Eiling shakes hands with the hero. This display of war-time camaraderie completely disgusts Amanda Waller. The following morning, all of the superheroes have gathered at their base to organize themselves in the face of armageddon.


Invasion Heroes 02

Invasion! #2

  • This issue is an Invasion! First Strike extra, and a tie-in to the larger story told in the Invasion! miniseries. These crossovers take place in between Invasion! #1 and Invasion! #2, largely dealing with the Alien Alliance's assault on Earth and the way heroes around the world were participating in the initial war effort. This issue ends with the super-hero summit depicted in the beginning of the miniseries' second issue.


  • Captain Atom and Wade Eiling mention the burgeoning relationship between Margaret Eiling and Jeff Goslin.
  • Wade Eiling mentions that this is the second time Captain Atom has saved his life.[citation needed]

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