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"Live or Let Die?": Following the battle that left Captain Atom wounded by the samurai and warlord known as the Cambodian and releasing quantum energy that knocked out the Cambodian and Plastique. Plastique is the first to regain consciousness and finds Captain Atom's sprawled body as pure energ

Quote1 My name is Bette. But I am better known as Plastique. There was a time when I would fight, even kill, for a noble cause I once believed in with a passion. But that was a long time ago. Today I will fight and kill on demand--for whoever willing and able to pay the price for my services. Quote2
-- Plastique

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Synopsis for "Live or Let Die?"

Following the battle that left Captain Atom wounded by the samurai and warlord known as the Cambodian and releasing quantum energy that knocked out the Cambodian and Plastique. Plastique is the first to regain consciousness and finds Captain Atom's sprawled body as pure energy continues to leak out from his wounded gash. She is tempted to kill him, but the Cambodian's soldiers arrive after they saw the burst of energy. Plastique quickly use Captain Atom as a human shield, protecting her from the bullets and allowing her to blast away the soldiers and hindering the Cambodian. Then realizing that her opportunity to escape is gone, Plastique's chance of survival is relying on Captain Atom.

Meanwhile, Peggy is upset with Randy and General Eiling being so carefree when they haven't heard anything from Nathaniel. Eiling tries to reassure her that her father knew the risks when he volunteered for the mission. But Peggy sees Eiling doesn't care about Nathaniel before storming off. Randy follow after her and gives Peggy a complete transcript of Nathaniel's court-martial in order to show what kind of man their father was.

Plastique see the stealth fighter piloted by Goslin and Trevor flying off with the X-Ionizer. Making her to conclude that her goal failed. She also notice that Captain Atom's condition is growing worse and his wound is coagulated with "molten bubbles." Plastique takes Captain Atom inside a cave as the monsoon season starts up. Despite her animosity of the superhero, Plastique tries to cauterize his wound with a careful amount of her explosive power. This succeeds in burning away the infected tissue, but also causing Captain Atom to revert back into "Cameron Scott" in front of Plastique.

Sometime after Plastique's terrorist plot was foiled, the Canadian government demanded Plastique to be transferred from Belle Reve to a maximum prison in Ontario. The transfer, however, was intercepted by Plastique's separatist cell. Although freed, Plastique was disappointed to learn from her compatriots that they are disbanding after growing weary of their cause. Since then Plastique has become a freelance mercenary.

The next day, Plastique continues to nurse Nathaniel as his health has improve. Nathaniel soon wakes up and is shocked to see Plastique. The ex-terrorist explain the situation to him and gives Nathaniel a uniform confiscated from one of the Cambodian's soldiers. Nathaniel's knowledge of Cambodia's geography is proven useful as they continue their trek out of Cambodia and to the border to Thailand, where their temporary alliance will end. In which Plastique personally plans on killing Nathaniel. While trekking through the Dangrek Mountains, the final leg of their journey, Plastique lost her balance and almost fall to her death if Nathaniel, who transformed into Captain Atom, hadn't catch her. Nathaniel's wound has also completely healed as well.

As they come close to the border, Plastique still intends on killing Nathaniel once he transform back to his human form. But her plans is interrupted when Nathaniel saves her from being cut down by the Cambodian. Captain Atom and the Cambodian engage in battle. Plastique then realize why the Cambodian's armor and weapon are so durable and sharp is because they are reinforced by the X-Ionizer. The ex-terrorist takes the opportunity to flee across the border. Despite of Captain Atom's condition, he is able to create a powerful blast that subdue his opponent. He is almost gunned down by the Cambodian's soldiers when Plastique suddenly came back and save him.

Back in the United States, General Eiling attends his promotion and swearing-in ceremony. The ceremony is also attended by Dr. Megala, Babylon, Peggy, and Randy. Eiling's stepchildren ducked out early in which they heatedly argue over Nathaniel's court-martial transcript. Peggy is skeptical of the charges and is certain that her father was framed.

Nathaniel and Plastique made across into Thailand and blend in a village. Nathaniel is then surprised to be reunite with Goslin, who had deduced that his friend would follow the same route when Nathaniel was previously stranded in Cambodia. Plastique chose the moment to discreetly make her leave and Nathaniel deciding on letting her go.


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