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"The Bunny from Beyond!": The Zoo Crew, having just defeated a Yolk Monster released from a space egg from Easter Bunny Island, sees a news report of an attack at the White House in Waspington, D.C. involving more Yolk Monsters. Alley-Cat Abra teleports the Cre

Appearing in "The Bunny from Beyond!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Earth-C
  • Easter Bunny Island
  • Waspington, D.C.



Synopsis for "The Bunny from Beyond!"

The Zoo Crew, having just defeated a Yolk Monster released from a space egg from Easter Bunny Island, sees a news report of an attack at the White House in Waspington, D.C. involving more Yolk Monsters. Alley-Cat Abra teleports the Crew to the White House and they find that there are too many Yolk Monsters for them to handle. Having faced hopeless situations before, they leap into the fight anyway. Oklahoma Bones Jr., having come with them, then decides to try to emulate his famous father and begins uses Whipley the snake whip to rescue helpless bystanders from the evil Yolk Monsters. In doing so, he rescues the abassador from San Salvador and recognizes him instantly as his father's old enemy, the Baron Von Vermin. The Baron, for his part, sees Okie and believes him at first to be the original Oklahoma Bones. His shock at seeing who he thinks is his old nemesis gives Okie and Whipley enough time to subdue him and then force him to relate what he knows of the eggs to Okie and the Zoo Crew.

The baron relates how he had deciphered enough of the Space Bunny's language to discover that they had defeated the Yolk Monsters on their own planet and banished the eggs here to earth, buried on Easter Bunny Island. The Space Bunny who had delivered the eggs to Earth had encased himself in a cocoon and buried himself on the Island, in case the eggs were ever to be awakened. The Zoo Crew then realizes that this Space Bunny is probably their best hope to defeat the monsters and Alley-Cat transports them and the Baron to Easter Bunny island. They quickly find the cocoon containing the Space Bunny where the Baron shows them, and after pulling it from its tomb, it quickly erupts and the Space Bunny emerges. The Space Bunny is a mentally powerful creature with the ability to control minds and also manipulate matter with mental powers.

It turns out that the "Bunny from Beyond", RALF-124C4U, has been mentally following the battle from within his cocoon. He quickly uses his mental powers, which are, for reasons never explained, greatly magnified on Earth, and completely disintegrates all the Yolk Monsters. All seems well (aside from a very arrogant Space Bunny) until the Baron approches RALF and attempts to get him to join him in dominating the Earth. RALF quickly shrugs off the possibility of an alliance with such a lower life form and turns the Baron into a statue.

The Zoo Crew, while recognizing that the Baron was evil, is shocked that RALF would so lightly kill with such disregard. They attempt to subdue RALF, but he quickly teleports them all to a very visible battleground over Follywood where he states his intention of defeating them publicly to illustrate to the inhabitants of earth the futility of not bowing to RALF's demands. RALF's time in the coccoon has evidently driven him insane and he is now bent on completely dominating the earth. RALF then makes very short work of the entire Crew with the slight exception of Captain Carrot, who uses his super-strength and endurance and nearly fights his way through RALF's mental powers. In the end, though, even the Captain is subdued by RALF.

When the Captain awakens, he finds himself the rest of the Crew held captive in traps customized to each of them to keep them from using their powers. Pig-Iron is held immobile by immense magnets; Alley-Cat is held in a cell with rock music playing so she can't concentrate to use her magic; Rubberduck is held in a shower of starch; Fastback is knee deep in banana peels, and Yankee Poodle's hands are held pointed at her own head. The Captain is held immobile in large cuffs and shackles customized to fit his muscular frame.

The Captain also notices that RALF has taken his cosmic carrots from his belt and is attempting to decipher their molecular structure so he can mentally digest them to recharge his powers and subdue the world.

However, during the earlier battle, the Captain, realizing that he was about to lose, expended every bit of energy he could while fighting RALF, hoping (correctly) that expending the energy would hasten his transformation back into Roger Rabbit, the small and meek cartoonist. This transformation takes place while RALF's back is turned and Roger is able to easily slip his much smaller physique from the cuffs and shackles designed to hold Captain Carrot. Roger sneaks behind RALF and snatches the cosmic carrots and eats one to again become the Captain. The Captain then flattens RALF with one punch. While RALF is dazed, the Captain ties his long bunny ears (the foci of his mental powers) together in a knot. RALF regains his composure and tries to zap the Captain to oblivion, but because of the knot in his ears, his power is turned back on himself and he himself disappears into oblivion.

Appearing in "Captain Carrot Faces the Tunneling Terror, Digger O'Doom!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Digger O'Doom (Melvin McMole)

Other Characters:


  • Earth-C
  • B.C. Comics
  • Wombat Commuincations Building



Synopsis for "Captain Carrot Faces the Tunneling Terror, Digger O'Doom!"

The filler story in this issue introduces an issue that the Captain had not yet considered. One of his prized cosmic carrots is taken and eaten by the mild-mannered Melvin McMole, who, it turns out, has a LOT of repressed anger against his bosses. Using his new powers, he attempts to destroy the Wombat Communications Building, which houses the offices of B.C. Comics (where Roger Rabbit is employed).

Not knowing how to pace himself, Melvin (now calling himself Digger O'Doom), uses all of his powers to defeat the Captain, but then, having expended all the energy from the carrot, transforms back into Melvin McMole. The Captain then easily subdues him and returns to his office to meet his comic deadline. He also realizes that he must now keep his prized cosmic carrots in a much safer location than his window box garden.


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