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Captain Super Junior is an evil parallel version of Captain Marvel Junior. Instead, he dons a black and yellow outfit, whose motif matches all Super's including Superwoman and has a fierce demeanor. He is one of the Crime Syndicate's Made Men and is a second lieutenant of Superwoman. When Owlman and Superwoman's joint hit on the Justice League base went sour, Superwoman summoned Captain Super, Uncle Super, and Captain Super Junior. They failed to turn the tide as Wonder Woman stole Owlman's jet and extracted her allies. Even after the Super's summoned lightning, the jet still got away. Notably, he shattered Green Lantern's constructs with only his strength.

A short time later, Owlman drafted Superwoman for a new mission, find the Quantum Trigger in a parallel Earth. Along with the Super's, she teleported into the Watchtower. Junior defeated Firestorm and was about to kill him, when Black Canary knocked him unconscious with a point blank blast of her super sonic Canary Cry. Uncle Super and Captain Super Junior were left behind by Superwoman and Captain Super. It is unknown if they were imprisoned on this parallel Earth or returned to their Earth.





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